I’m Sue Freeman, a Nurse educator specialising in smoking cessation from New Zealand.

With a passionate devotion to helping people quit smoking successfully since 2000.

My approach revolves around education, common sense, and scientific evidence, rooted in the experiences of smokers. Let’s embark on a journey together towards a healthier, smokefree life.

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Sue Freeman - The Smokefree System: Taking Back Control Book

You Can Successfully Quit Smoking

I smoked for 40 years and learnt so much about relapse prevention from Sue’s Smokefree System. I am enjoying a long life as a result.

90 years, Tauranga

I was able to stop smoking easily and never looked back. I think your book is excellent.

59 years, Ashurst

I nearly left it too late, but thanks to The Smokefree System, I have stopped smoking after forty years. I am recommending it to all my friends.

58 years, Palmerston North

I found this programme a clear, concise, and logical, easy to follow method of handling weight gain from, quitting smoking. I would highly recommend it to anyone, who not only quit smoking, but who has gained weight for any other reason. It helps so much, and it works.

72 years, Orewa